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            2. Company Introduction

              Panther Healthcare, founded in 2002, is a high and new technology company combining R&D, manufacturing and sales. It mainly develops and manufactures surgical stapling and minimally invasive endo surgery products and distributes through its global sales network. With over 200 intellectual property rights, Panther Healthcare was honored with multiple national prizes and awards. Its products have penetrated 2000+ hospitals in more than 60 different countries, and its sales revenue is number one ranking among domestic stapling manufacturers and number three globally. Panther Healthcare is dedicated to providing a professional and systematic surgical solutions platform for patients ‘needs, standing at the forefront of the domestic industry as well as on the international market.


              Panther Healthcare has already penetrated more than 2,000 hospitals and currently has presence in over 60 countries.

              ? Our sales representatives based in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Latin America are always ready to provide our customers with support, training and any other professional assistance when necessary.

              ? Our global distribution network is represented by a professional sales team of 90 managers and more than 400 distributors in over 60 countries.

              ? During 2015 we shipped out more than 400,000 staplers worldwide.
              ? We are cooperating with surgeons and KOLS in the development of white papers and clinical evidences to clinically reinforce the high quality of Panther Healthcare products.

              ? Our marketing and sales teams are constantly participating in surgical congresses around the world in order to meet the most important needs of our customers.

              ? As part of our Panther Healthcare Educational Program, we are sponsoring several clinical immersions around the world every year. Our courses mainly focus on bariatric surgery, thoracic surgery, hemorrhoidal and LAP colorectal procedures.

              ? Panther Healthcare Sales, Marketing and R&D departments are always working together to get the best market feedback and to create innovative products and solutions which market really needs. Panther Healthcare has already registered more than 200 cases of intellectual property rights.

              ? For more information regarding surgical congresses and educational programs, please refer to “Panther Surgical Academy”.

              OUR PURPOSE

              Our products are designed and
              manufacured to better support the
              work of surgeon in the operating room.

              OUR VISION

              Is continuous improvement of

              OUR MISSION

              Is to provide cost-effective and
              innovative surgical solutions to the
              worldwide healthcare community.


              Founded In 2002

              Panther Healthcare was founded in Beijing China. It is a growing global manufacturer of high quality open and minimally invasive endoscopic surgical products.

              In 2008

              Panther was restructured.

              In 2010

              Panther obtained investment from SBCVC Panther set up its second factory in Changping district with the capital support from SBCVC Panther won the USA FDA certificationa

              In 2011

              Panther introduced a new generation of surgical staplers including the new Dolphin Laparoscopic Circular stapler and the Endo Linear Cutter.

              In 2014

              Panther was awarded the 90th most potential company by Forbes; Panther launched its first high volume hemorrhoidal stapler.

              In 2016

              Panther had a successful IPO at the China technology market, with trading number 835879; Panther launched the black and gold Endo reloads to cover all Endo Surgery procedures.

              In 2017

              Panther launched its second Endo generation with Non-Stop articulation system; Panther opened its office in New York; Panther established its first overseas subsidiary in Brazil.

              By 2017

              Panther had sold 1.57m staplers and reloading units.

              In 2018

              Panther launched Smart Stapler at IFSO Dubai; Panther started the construction of Panther Suzhou, a facility of 21,492 square meters.

              In 2019

              In 2019, Panther continues to grow in a rapid and healthy way.


              Contact Us

              Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


              Tel: 8610-80789058


              Email: service@www.tlfj.com.cn

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