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            2. Particle Filtering Half Mask FFP2 NR (cup-shaped)


              • The Panther? series of particulate respirators are specifically designed for a comfort wearing, high efficiency protection, low breathing resistance, are highly practical and cost effective. This Panther? KFR-2 particulate respirator of class FFP2 NR is a Cup Shaped 5 layers filtering half mask without valve fitted with yellow head elastic bands, soft inner face seal ring with an external metal nose clip.

                The soft inner face seal ring brings you the following F&B:

                ?Improved face seal

                ?Increased wearer comfort

                ?Better isolation

                ?Extra safety against fine particles


                The composition of the Panther? KFR-2:

                1st layer: Needle punched cotton

                2nd layer: PP Melt blown fabric

                3rd layer: PP Melt blown fabric

                4th layer: PP Melt blown fabric

                5th layer:  Needle punched cotton


                Standard: EN149: 2001+A1: 2009 


              Contact Us

              Panther Healthcare Medical Equipment Co., Ltd


              Tel: 8610-80789058


              Email: service@www.tlfj.com.cn

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